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Lead Management System

Lead Management System

Proposal management system

Another project developed by our team is Proposal Management System. PMS (Proposal Management System) Web Application Design and developed by Digitlabs.tech. In this system we can generate proposal for our business client.

This system consists of different modules such as user/staff management, quotation management, product management, client management, report management and many more.

Proposal management system
  • Manage Users
  • Add Unlimited Users
  • Manage Notifications
  • Manage products
  • Manage Client/ Quotation
  • Add Client
  • Client List
  • Quotation List

With our new proposal management system you can track real time generation of quotations by your sales team. Sales person can register online and after approval by Admin sales person can generate online quotations for the customers and update it real time. Copy of quotation or proposal will be sent to customer and Admin. Admin can track the daily record and set the priority for the quotation or proposal. Admin can have real time access to quotations and can look at the active users and their performance. Daily, weekly or monthly reports can be generated for analysis and fill the gap in business process, which improves the efficiency of the business and record of the customer and the product. With PMS developed by digit labs you can import or export the product details from and to excel. Details of clients can be saved into the PMS and can be accessed via web application without carrying data physically and then come back to office and generate quotation. The sales person can generate the proposal and send directly to email or print. Saves time and increase productivity. Client list can be generated and can serve many different purposes like product needs and follow-ups upcoming services or warranty period.

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