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Human Resource Management System (Digit-HRMS)

Human Resource Management System (Digit-HRMS)


Digi HRMS – Human resource is a central function of any organization and data requires regular updates and management. Digi HRMS is a web – based application, which helps in keeping employee records, e.g. Employee ID, Address, Educational Certificates, past job history, Personal details, Roles, Designations, Promotions, Salary, Attendance, Leaves and increments along with salary structure and Payroll and bank transfer.

Digi HRMS helps in automatic attendance and leaves tracking to support in payroll creation with overtime done by each employee.

Application can integrate with Biometric/RFID based attendance system and capture the data automatically. Helps in cutting short the manual data entry, processing of leaves, overtime, and salary calculations. Application is customizable to meet the need of individual organizations.

Digit-HRMS is another advanced product developed by the team of experts at Digit Labs. The human resource management system software is a very user-friendly tool for the Human Resource department of the organization and employees as well. Digit-HRMS cover the complete lifecycle of an employee in the organization, starting from joining, day-to-day operations and final exit.

Digit-HRMS is available as web/Cloud based application, which can be hosted on our cloud or along with the website of the organization and will be accessible from anywhere across the world over the internet. Second option is to install the HRM management system software in the in-house server within the company’s premises and can be accessible over local network within the company premises.

Digit-HRMS comes with multiple modules, namely – Attendance Management, Payroll, Human Resource, Leave Management, Integration API with bank, Integration with Auto Attendance systems (bio metric, facial recognition, GPS based mobile attendance and manually).

HRM management system software allows setting up multiple offices within one application and management of modules independently by the local admin or HR department of the respective offices.

Once the salary structure is setup in the system for multiple level of resources (Management, Operations, Sales, Staff and Contractors) salary is automatically calculated based on the attendance and leaves taken during the month. Digit-HRMS is capable of handling multiple types of employees and their respective salary break up and maintain it for the records. It also keeps track of salary increments and also the overtime calculations. Once the salary is calculated, the data can be shared with the bank for transfer of salary into the accounts of the employees on pre defined date, every month.

Human Resource manager can set up the list of holidays in the beginning of every year and is visible to employees for up coming holidays and helps them plan their leaves accordingly.

Digit-HRMS also captures the complete set of information of the employees –Personal details, Passport details of self and family, Visa details with auto alert facility to warn about visa expiry and passport expiry etc. It also keeps track of the trainings and certificates obtained by the employees and their promotions, salary increments over the period and amount disbursed over the years as basic salary, emoluments, PF and bonuses.

Digit-HRMS also is accessible to employees to view and update the information in the system like – family details, visa updates, passport details, trainings under taken and certificates received. Employees can apply for leaves and review attendance details and salary slips online.

Human Resource Management System Softwaregives role based access to the modules and fields, which can be edited by the user. Some fields are editable by HR department only and others may be updated by the employees only.

Roles Functionality
General Features
  • Web based application
  • Application hosted locally within the office on a server
  • Access from anywhere & anytime
  • Multiple offices and sister concerns can be registered in single application
  • Ready to integrate with Card or Biometrics based attendance system or GPS based mobile attendance system
  • Generate monthly Salary details of employees to share with bank for money transfer
  • Manage Salary increments
  • Manage deductions and overtime
  • Automated Alerts
  • Seamless Import / Export of data with application
  • Easy setup of weekdays and weekends
  • Salary Calculation based on employee type
  • Setup Account
  • Setup Company /Companies/Offices
  • Setup other users details
  • Setup type of employees
  • Setup Employee # algorithm
  • Payroll setup & Salary breakup
  • Manage list of Holidays/Leaves
Human Resource management team
  • Create employee accounts
  • Assign Type to employee
  • Manage Attendance and Overtime
  • Update employee details,
    • Personal and Family details
    • Insurance details
    • Visa Details
    • Passport details
    • Education details
    • Certifications
    • Update Employee Salary details
    • Manage Salary calculation / payout
Attendance Manager
  • Manage daily attendance / Overtime / Leaves
  • Manage personal details
  • View Attendance / Mark Attendance
  • View Salary payouts and leaves

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