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Clinic Management System

Digit – CMS (Clinic Management System)

clinic management system

Digi clinic is a clinic management system, which is very easy to use and meets the versatile requirements of a modern clinic setup. The application is very easy to use for ever-busy doctors and clinical staff. Digi Clinic supports through the complete cycle of patient Appointment Booking > Appointment Reminder > Doctor Consultation > Prescription Management > Medical Procedure > Pharmacy > Billing and Appointment for follow Ups.

Digi Clinic helps in easy administration of a clinic through inbuilt alerts for upcoming Appointments and SMS alerts to patients, Daily Patient Visit reports, Daily Consultation Fees Collection report, Pharmacy Inventory Management alerts on email, Sales Pattern of Medicines and Pharmacy Sales reports.

Digit-CMS is a Clinic Management System from expert team of Digit Labs (Analysts, Designers and Developers).

The Clinic Management Software can be hosted on the cloud or along-with the existing website of the clinic, which can be accessed from anywhere over the internet. Second option is to host the application in local computer within the office and use it over local LAN in the clinic as a medical clinic management system.

Doctors are expert in their respective field, but managing a clinic is another ballgame altogether. This is where Digit Labs steps in with their unique online clinic management system, Digit-CMS which not only helps you in managing patient visits, records, prescriptions, history, billing and even managing inventory of inhouse pharmacy.

Digit-CMS is a very simple and user-friendly system, customizable as per your need. It allows to build pre-filled templates for different diagnoses/diseases to help save time of the doctors. These editable templates are available for multiple specialties.

Digit-CMS plays a vital role in managing the complete clinic. It starts with managing patient appointments or other appointments for the doctors efficiently. Generally, the front desk is not very tech savvy and are not in a position to use the complex systems, due to which most of the functions remain unused or un-explored. Digit-CMS is designed keeping in mind the above point and it has been found very useful by the users. It also reduces the time for training and uptime for the deployment is very fast. One more important function in Digit-CMS is appointment display option. In this there is option to display the list of appointments in parallel screen in the clinic and staff can continue working on their system, without disturbing the appointment list display screen (Dual screen display system).

Another point, which was kept in mind while designing the system was very important users of this system, the Doctors. As per our experience, the doctors have very limited time and multiple tasks to complete within this short time. In Digit-CMS doctor has two options to fill the Prescription, which is prefilled with patient details as per the records filled by the front desk. Doctor can take a printout of the prescription sheet and scribble the details and handover the prescription to the patient. Second option is to fill the prescription online in the system itself on the Pre-Designed and Pre-filled template and save it in the system, which can be printed and handed over to the patient or send it to patient over email (the system is good enough to cover tele-medicine practice). The saved prescription is available in the system for future reference and follow-up visits.

Pharmacy management is another very useful functionality in this system, which is very helpful in managing inventory with auto alerts function to ensure pharmacy never runs out of the medicines.

Billing is integrated in the system and is very easy to use. GST calculation can be custom built to ensure correct taxable bracket for services and pharmacy products is picked while billing.

clinic management system

Online clinic management system generates multiple reports like, number of patient visits, total billing, total amount collected and balance amount pending to be collected. Pharmacy billing, amount collected and inventory of medicines. Also, system generates auto alerts through SMS or email when the quantity of the medicines falls below the pre-defined number.

With this online clinic management system, you need not worry about the updates and management of application. You just need an internet connection and you are ready to use the application.

Roles Functionality
General Features
  • Web based application
  • Access from anywhere & anytime
  • Ready to integrate with SMS API
  • Manage patient history
  • Manage staff details
  • Manage invoice
  • Pharmacy management
  • Automated inventory alerts
  • Seamless Import / Export of data with application
  • Easy setup of product list in pharmacy
  • Daily and weekly report generation
  • Setup Account
  • Setup Doctor, Staff and pharmacy account
  • Setup other users details
  • Export daily report- billing, patient visits, pharmacy inventory
  • Set replenishment point of medicine
  • Export Time wise report
  • Export report of patient
  • Manage appointment
  • Generate file of patient soft/hard copy
  • Re-appointment of old patient
  • Manage billing
  • View patient history
  • Manage patient report
  • Manage prescription
  • Manage standard templates
  • Manage instructions for staff through online notes
Pharmacy Login
  • Manage billing
  • View prescription written by doctor
  • Check stock and update inventory
  • Get Notification if any medicine is going out of stock

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