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# Happy New Year 2021 From Digitlabs

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At the close of another year, we gratefully pause to wish you a warm and happy holiday season! We are deeply grateful and thankful to our partners and customers for striving to succeed together.

Bring out the noisemakers (and a lot of beverages) — you finally made it to the end of another year! 2020, eh? It’s been … well, woof. We know you’re excited to enter a new year 2021, fresh with opportunity and possibility. 

We also know this year has been a tough one, especially for your small business. Quarantine and social distancing guidelines have largely moved the business world entirely online, and pivots have been necessary to navigate unprecedented circumstances. Likely, your business started and ended the year with very different sets of goals, challenges, and experiences.

So, as you look forward to a “new normal,” first, pat yourself on the back — you made it this far. While running a business during a pandemic (and through the resulting economic and societal challenges) has not been ideal, you’ve endured to the end of the year. You’ve likely come away with several business survival skills that have made your business stronger. 

But now, letting bygones be bygones (and yes, please let 2020 be a distant bygone), we’re ready to ring in 2021 with a bang, starting with some smart business goals. What are you resolving to do in the new year? 

Here are 7 ways you can resolve to build a stronger, more prosperous business in 2021:

  1. Build a website
  2. Be social
  3. Write a blog
  4. Rank higher through SEO
  5. Go mobile-friendly
  6. Find your target audience
  7. Improve your email marketing

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